Travel programmes

Centuries ago, the only way to enjoy travelling was reading a book set in a different place. Robinson Crusoe, for example, woke up many readers’ imagination and let them visit exotic places without being there.

However, nowadays, one can travel without the fuzz of packing a suitcase and technology offers us far more options apart from reading. In today’s world, we can surf the Internet and find out what places look like, or we can watch one of the endless TV programmes devoted to this hobby.

Most of these programmes are led by celebrities; take, for instance, Spain on the Road hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow. She is a real fan of our country, did you know she spent 7 years living in Spain in an exchange family? Gwyneth became a great lover of Spanish food and she has proved so in this programme in which she enjoys the traditional dishes around Spain.

Ewan McGregor, another actor, hosted an adventure programme, Long Way Round,  in which he went from London to Africa on his motorbike.

Apart from them, there are many journalists who have ridden the same wave and travel around the world interviewing locals in programmes such as Lonely Planet, to mention just one.

And what about our wonderful Spanish TV? Can you think of similar programmes? Leave a comment on your favourite programme now or in the past and the destination you liked most.

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15 Responses to Travel programmes

  1. Adrián Poveda 2º Int. 19 says:

    Españoles por el mundo is one of the best TV programmes I´ve ever watched, surely, because I can visit many countries from the sofa in my living room. This TV programme always shows happy Spanish people who are living abroad and they show us how the people live, their customs and something interesting to do in the country. In my opinion, this TV programme always shows us people whose lives work out very well, so young people may think that there are other options (jobs, studies…) abroad.

  2. Yamal Nieto Robles says:

    Well, I don’t see such programmes very often but my mother loves them. She especially likes Pilot Guides, brodcasted on the Travel channel. Each episode is played by a reporter: Ian Wright, Andrew Daddo, Justine Shapiro, Hunter Gatherer and some others. The best of them is the great reporter Ian Wright. He is very funny and he isn’t shy at all. He enjoys his job and loves to travel so he tastes every food and he does the naughtiest and most dangerous things.
    They travel around the world. Each episode is about a country and, then, they travel by train or plane to cross it. They taste the traditional food of each place and they participate in some activities like swimming in frozen water, for example.

  3. J. A. Blasco NI2 19B says:

    Hi there,
    I’d like to talk about an old TV travel show broadcasted on RTVE second channel in 2006. It was called Meridianos.
    Beyond sumptuous images and fascinating stories, each chapter of the travel magazine invited us to discover a new country through its many aspects: from human adventure to wildlife, archaeology, art of living, etc.
    The innovative work of cameras, combined with exceptional subjects, offered us unusual views. The philosophy of the show was simple: “Meridianos” talked about human beings. Some of the chapters I can remember were: Spirits of Bali, Beautiful Thailand and Crossroads of Turkey.

    Well, tha’s all for now.

  4. Inma says:

    One of my favorite programmes is Spanish around the world.
    I liked those about European cities. If I had to choose a city to live for a few years, it would be Florence. I believe that it is a lifestyle similar to the Spanish one, with a Mediterranean climate. I also like Italian food very much. Language, I think, wouldn´t be such a problem because it doesn’t seem to be very difficult


    Hello group 19B!!!
    This is the tittle of the progamme I’m going to write about. I like it, because it is a programme in which people go climbing up famous mountains normally under extremely cold temperatures or under extreme circumstances, because the snow is melting or similar. The programme is funny and I think they don’t take any risk, but they show you what can happen in these situations and what is the right thing to do. The presenter is a funny person and I enjoy seeing him doing it.

  6. Lidia Fernandez 2ºNI 19-B says:

    I’m going to talk about Callejeros Viajeros. It’s a Spanish programme broadcasted on Cuatro; it chooses a city in the world and the reporter shows you sites, traditional food, parties and festivals, the kind of life of the local people and an important thing, people are interviewed, so you can know their personal opinion about the place. Apart from that, you can see the best and the worst places of the city. Therefore, if you want to go to a place, you will know it as it is thanks to this programme.

  7. JORGE COVES 19B says:

    Hi there!! I love the survival series “Man vs Wild” with the Irish Bear Grills. It shows you many survival techniques in many diferent places (jungle, desert, mountain); and my favourite part is when he eats all kinds of things and by things I mean bugs, snakes, stinky stunks. The programme is sometimes not very realistic but I like it anyway 😉

  8. Rosa Poveda Quiles says:

    Nuria Roca presents the programme “Tu vista Favorita” in channel Cuatro. You can watch it on TV on Saturday at 9.30 pm.
    This is a Travel programme and quiz show too, in which Spanish celebrities show their favourite view in their city or region. They compete with other celebrities for the best view.
    In this programme, you can see places of Spain that you wouldn’t have the chance to see otherwise .
    In this programme, you can see places which have never been shown before.

  9. SUSANA ESPAÑA NUÑEZ 2ºNI 19 B says:

    My favourite programme is Callejeros Viajeros, it´s at night every Monday on channel ” cuatro”. It´s its fifth season.This programme won the First Festival de TV in Vitoria, for The Best TV programme. We can visit a lot of cities, people, cultures, traditions, foods…., At home, all family gets together to see the programme. Nowadays, there are a lot of TV travel programmes, it´s a good way to know other cities from home and you can save money, I like travelling like this, don’t you? More and more people can´t travel because of the economic the crisis.
    I guess it must be very exciting to work for this programme.

  10. Escarlata Bustillo says:

    In my opinion, one of the most interesting programmes is “Spanish around the world” because Spanish people speak about other countries and explain what life is there for Spanish people. Thanks to this programme, I want to go to Salzburg because a Spanish girl spoke about its customs, traditions and landscapes and it was very beautiful. But I have a problem, I was looking for a trip to go to Salzburg and it’s so expensive… I think, my trip to Salzburg will have to wait.

  11. Pilar Cerezo says:

    Hi everyone!
    I hope I’m not too late. I couldn´t find the post.
    I´m sure all of you have visited on the Internet a very popular travel website:

  13. or you have bought the magazine Muchoviaje. They two are very interesting but … Have you ever seen the TV programme Muchoviaje? You can watch it now on a TDT channel , I think it’s NOVA. It is a different travel programme. You can discover the most exotic places in the world. Maite Izaguirre is the anchor. If you are thinking about a journey o you are preparing one, don´t miss this program. It has all the keys to enjoy traveling.