The joy of whining


Don’t you just love complaining? It’s so easy to do, and the more you do it, the better you get at it. And, if you really want to get even better, make sure you associate with other complainers. It seems that the more you associate with other complainers, the more you complain. The fine art of complaining seems to be catching because no matter where you go, you can listen to other people complain.

So, are you a whiner? A complainer? Of course you are, we have all done it from time to time. I’m sure I whined or complained about something today. Things don’t go our way and we complain about this and whine about that.

It is said that if you complain too much or focus on the negative things, you can lose sight of all the good things your life has. Things go wrong in our lives and we don’t always get our way. Well, its true, you can’t spend your entire time complaining, but who cares?

Take this chance, relieve your stress and let off steam, whine about it all! Remember you can use any of the expressions studied in class.


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28 Responses to The joy of whining

  1. Alicia Vela. G19B says:

    I don’t like people who smoke. I hate it when I go to a restaurant with people who smoke and they think that we should enter a smoke zone, why? I don’t smoke and I hate it, if you want to smoke I respect you, but it’s bad for me to breathe smoke. Smoke is really bad for your and for my health. Try to stop smoking and you will understand me!

  2. It pisses me off when my boss offers me a new consulting room (I haven’t had my own consulting room for 10 years) which is a den or a tiny room where a table and two chairs hardly fit. This year I have had some quarrels with him. I have been working there for 18 years and It drives me crazy when new doctors who start working in the Center are setteled into a better room.
    It makes me extremely annoyed when my boss justifies his decisions by saying that doctors see more patients than me (I’m a psychologist) as if I worked less hours or I made less effort than a doctor!! or as if I didn’t need a room as much as a doctor!!
    Now, I’m so annoyed that I’ve decided to complain non-stop to obtain a suitable consulting room.


    Hello, I’m from group 19B,

    I don’t like it when I go into a Shop and the Shop assistant is all the time next to me. I like shopping alone and, when I need something, I call her or him. I hate it when they follow me and they are always asking me: can I help you? what are you looking for?


    It pisses me off when I have a problem with my phone because it means that I have to call the telephone operator, and it is always a problem. You talk to a machine and it never understands you, and talking with machines drives me crazy. After 10 minutes, you get to talk to a real personal but the problem now is that this person doesn’t understand you either or they offer you things that you don’ want. Inthe end, you finish complaining about the impossibility of making a complaint.

  5. Hi everyone,
    I am a pupil from classroom 17 B and it pisses me off, for example, when I have been queueing for a long time in a “Store” waiting to pay for my purchase and, suddenly, a person who wants to jump the queue turns up so, immediately, I try to show my annoyance and he or she usually tells me: My apologies, but I am in a hurry!
    Oh my God!. I think that some people are very cheeky…

  6. Naiara Robledillo Agulló says:

    For me, the most important thing about a hotel is the room. I like it when the room is the same as the one you saw in the hotel site with all the comforts that a hotel can offer: tv, dryer, wifi… and when the room is clean and tidy. I hate it when the people who work in hotels are unkind because I think that they need to be polite to do this kind of job.


    I can’t stand it when I get up very early in winter. My feet and the floor are frozen.

    I go to the bathroom, I take my clothes off, get into the shower and open the warm water tap but, although I wait patiently for one, two, three, four minutes for the wished warm water… something is happening with the heater because I can’t feel the hot water!

    I hate it when then I put on my pyjamas again and check the heater. Seeing the flame put out drives me crazy. I tap the evil gas sensor and fix it, at least, till next time.

    • Maite Redondo 17B says:

      This is exactly what I experienced this morning! it made me crazy! and finally I couldn’t have my shower because I didn’t have enough time left after my battle against the heater.

  8. Roberto Gonzalvez says:

    It pisses me off when I have to queue at the police station or any other government building, to complete any administrative procedure, for example, to renew my passport or ID card or when you go to university to enrol or give them your scholarship documentation and, after being all morning there, they tell you that you need some unnecessary document you don’t have with you, and you have to wait till the next day to go back and do the same thing again.

  9. Adrian Poveda says:

    Waiting at the Doctor´s office drives me crazy. I hate it when I have to wait for hours although I arranged an appointment. You try to arrive early but this day the Doctor is late but if you arrive 5 minutes late for once, don´t worry, the Doctor will be on time then and you will be supposed to wait till the last one feeling angry. But I´m sick when the Doctor tells me “Do you have a cold? I answer “Yes, I do” , and the Doctor says “Don´t worry, What did you last take for it? I answer again (big mistake) because he tells you “Ok take it again”, oh! this makes me mad!!!

  10. Tamara Muñoz Nortes 19B says:

    I can’t stand it when someone is always asking you questions about your private life, pretending to be your friend, but he/she doesn’t really care if you’re happy or sad. This kind of people usually use this information to tell other people your problems and to gossip about you, and that pisses me off!

    I would like to give them a useful piece of advice: mind your own business!

  11. Luis R. 17-B says:

    I hate it when you’ve been waiting for a long queue to pay for your shopping at the supermarket and the price that they charge you is higher than the one that was marked on its shelf. You must go to the Customer care Office to complain and wait for the Customer care office assistant to check the price that was marked on the shelf for that article. Finally, you end up wasting a lot of your spare time and they don´t usually even apologize for it.

  12. SUSANA ESPAÑA NUÑEZ 2ºNI 19 B says:

    When going for a walk in the street , there are a lot of things that I hate, for example, I can´t put with dogs relieving anywhere (pavements,parks, gardens,…) , people must be very careful not to step on any “poo”, owners are the guilty ones, there are places to to do that in our city.
    I´m sick of the cars which don´t stop by the pedestrian crossings, moreover, when there is a traffic jump, drivers sound their horns for minutes. It´s horrible .
    Women in the street begging with a baby or a lot of beggars in the door of supermarkets annoy me. It also pisses me off when people spit or throw something on the ground: meat, papers, cigarette ends….

  13. Belén 17B says:

    Well, I’m not going to go very far with my complaint. I totally dislike the passing way that there is between “Altabix” building and “Atzavares” building at Miguel Hernández University (or even between our school and Atzavares building). I mean, did you see it? There isn’t one for pedestrians!
    So, when you have to go to “Atzavares” building on foot, you have to cross a big field full of pebbles and pieces of some trees, like branches and stuff. There isn’t a safe way to go on foot and the way to go by car is a little messy. So, what are politicians waiting for?

  14. Alicia 17B says:

    I cannot stand it when you’ve been waiting in a line to enter a music festival for many hours without eating, and when you finally enter, the security man takes your backpack, puts your snacks away and says that entering your photo camera is forbidden. And then, they force you to spend money on food they sell in and it is expensive and of poor quality, that drives me crazy.

    However, I love it when the lights go out and my favourite band comes on stage, you forget all your trouble.

  15. Lidia Fernandez 2ºNI 19-B says:

    I hate it when I have been queueing for a long time in a refectory at university, I’m starving, of course, it’s half past two!! Andsuddenly, 3, 5 or 8 friends of the person who stays in front of me, but just this person orders their meal!! Obviously, it annoys me because I’m very hungry and angry too …. So, I eat later because their dishes will get prepared before mine, thanks to such ‘lovely’ people.

  16. Ana Belén Sánchez García 19B says:

    I love my job because I do what I want and the atmosphere is fine. But, some days, I hate it when my boss follows me all the time. She controls everything I do! That makes me mad!

    Something that really annoys me is when she interrogates me asking about my personal life. For example, I told her that I wanted ten days off and she started to say: Where are you going? Are you travelling alone or with friends? How many days are you going to stay there?… This behaviour pisses me off!

  17. Anabel Pallarés Sanchez-17B says:

    I can´t stand bad behaviour that rude people usually have. For example, when somebody steps on me and doesn´t say sorry, or doesn´t hold the door when I leave or enter places. I hate it when I leave a shop or a restaurant and I say goodbye and nobody answers me. But what pisses me most is when I’m talking with somebody who is smoking and blows the smoke on my face! Do you think I´m very demanding?


    I’m sick of going to the dentist, because when I go to the dentist I have to wait up to two hours! The problem is that they give several appointments at the same time and all people go at 09:00 a.m.
    In addition, I can’t put up with the silence when you are waiting, because you don’t know where to look! at and if you are talking with someone, everybody stares at you and I hate it!

  19. Inma 17B says:

    I hate it when I go to have breakfast out at a café and I ask the waiter some very cooked toast and one cup of coffee with very hot milk.
    The waiter makes me wait, and then he brings me some less cooked toast and a cold coffee.

    It pisses me off so I ask the waiter for another piece of toast and a hotter coffee. That is why I always go to have breakfast to the same place, the waiters already know me.

  20. Yamal Nieto Robles 17B says:

    I hate it when I have been studying and my parents don’t believe me because they haven’t seen me doing it.
    Sometimes, my parents see me at the PC when they go out for work or something like that. Then, I start to study or to do my homework and it takes me the whole afternoon. When I finish, I go back to the PC or I watch TV and, 10 minutes later, my parents arrive home and they see me lazing around so they think that I didn’t ‘t study. It’s very frustrating!

  21. Miguel Angel Liborio Vidal says:


  22. PABLO BERMEJO 19-B says:

    It pisses me off when I go by bus and some people are listening to music without their headphones. I can’t understand it because when you have your headphones on, you can listen to music much better than without them.
    Sometimes, I want to take their telephone and throw it out of the bus or stop the music in front of them. If I was a politician, I would pass a law to prohibit the music on the bus without headphones.

  23. Marina González (17B) says:

    It makes me mad when somebody takes something that is mine and then doesn’t leave it in its place. I hate it so much… I want my things tidy because, if I need them, I want to find them where I last left them. I hate it when I have plenty of time to look for them, so imagine how mad I get when I don’t have that much time…

  24. Marina Quiles Dorrego 17-B says:

    I´m tired of bureaucracy. In my opinion, the most important thing when you need a license or a passport is to have it quickly.
    I hate it when I must wait in a long queue spending half day and when, in the end, when it’s your turn. someone tells you that you have a document or a signature missing and then you have to go back the next day or even the next week.
    In my case, I´ve been going to court every two months during a year to give them different documents, in the end, I´ve got my permission but I’m really sick of that.

  25. Carlos Bonilla Jovaní - 17B says:

    I hate it when I’m in a queue to enter a concert or something like this and they run out of tickets just before it’s my turn. It makes me mad when I can’t buy the tickets online, I hope to get them at the box office and, just when I’m about to get it, it gets sold out. Knowing that it will be impossible to enjoy that show for a long time drives me crazy.

  26. M Reme Ródenas says:

    Hi, I´m Reme, a student of NI2
    My favourite programme is “UN PAÍS PARA COMÉRSELO”. It is broadcasted weekly on Thursday nights on the fist channel.
    Last week, it was broadcasted from Alicante province and I saw Denia fish market (red craws, sea-urchins, octopuses, etc.).
    In Monovar, “I tasted” the Fondillón, the red sweet wine from Poveda´s cellar.
    In Santapola, “I was fishing” and I saw the saltworks too, and then I visited Torreblanca, the cake factory in Elda, all cakes were delicious……………Yummy Yummy!
    Comperes, Juan Echanove, Imanol Arias and Tonino added their own personal touch, they were friendly, close, amazing and funny too, and I enjoyed it all.
    I recommend it to you.

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