The Lottery of Life

The Spanish Christmas Lottery (Sorteo de Navidad or Lotería de Navidad) is a national lottery game organized every year since 1812 by the Spanish Public Administration. As measured by the total prize payout, the Christmas Lottery is considered the biggest lottery worldwide.

The world’s richest lottery, which will deal out more than €2.3 billion ($3 billion) in prizes today, is a part of the Spanish Christmas as much as traditional dishes or nativity scenes.

I never won the lottery myself, bad luck, I guess,but, today, I was sent quite a thought provoking ad campaign from Save The Children highlighting the lottery of life that we as humans have all been playing since birth. Some of us get lucky and win, while others don’t. I think I definitely “won” in the Lottery of Life. I think the title, indicating lottery, and thus luck, also gives us a reality check.  Yes, we do work hard to get to where we are, but we started so much further ahead than others.  You can’t simply believe that where you got today is all due to your own actions.

You can “play” the Lottery of Life on its own website. You spin a wheel of fortune to get a chance to start your life over in a location chosen by chance. For me, the wheel stopped in Rwanda, and I learned I would have a 30% chance of growing up illiterate  if I get to grow up since only 18% of children above 5 manage to survive … that there’s a lot of child labor … and a huge number of child marriages, among other things, glad I was born in Spain!

Would you dare to give it a go? Click on the photo, you just have to complete your name (no need to enter facebook) and spin the wheel, see where you could have been born and find out what prospects you could have had.

Which country did the wheel choose for you and what did you learn about it? Leave a comment on it!

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