Been there

A short break is a vacation away from home lasting a few days, but usually less than a week. It provides you with:

  • A break from day-to-day routines
  • A chance to experience new things
  • Time to rest and recharge the batteries
  • Opportunities to meet new people and maintain friendships
  • Time for personal interests, leisure or cultural activities

But, where to go? There is such a wide variety… we would like some advice from you and we are going to create a thorough guide of the top destinations of what you consider natural wonders. Read below attentively…

Been there is a guide to the world as travelled by you. Share your reports and photos from around the globe.

A map and one PennHave you been somewhere that you are dying to tell us about? Did you witness any breathtaking landscape?

A lovely view or fantastic place to stay – share it with us. This site is a guide to the world written by you, so any local, national or international place is welcomed.

How to write a report

Your reports can be as long or short as you like, but please do tell us:

– the name of a remarkable place

– information about the place: geographical location, climate, richness (landscape, vegetation, and wildlife), practical information (how to get there, prices, activities)  and why you like it.

Our suitcase is eager to be packed, it can’t wait! so send us your report before we get our tickets!

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1 Response to Been there

  1. Juanma says:

    Of course, I remember the city La Firenze in Italy, I have seen a lot of Cathetrals in the world but the Cathedral of La Firenze is the most breathtaking one I’ve ever seen, and the chapel of Medici too. I never go to churches but I like seeng cathetrals. What I really like is nature and these cathetrals were built in rock but nature is being destroyed.

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