The Best Places to Hide

Want to disappear? Here are eight places where you can go and never be found as suggested by

It’s getting harder and harder to evade our modern communication and transportation grid. Internet cafés proliferate in small villages from Mexico to Morocco, not only transforming the lives of locals but also what it means to be a traveler. Roads go where they never have before, both in American suburbia and in places like Patagonia, the untamed region at the southern tip of South America, where the Austral Highway was completed in 2000.

But it may be that we’re losing something too–like the ability to be truly alone with our own thoughts, in touch with our immediate surroundings, and reliant on our own skill and nerve. We’ve also lost possibilities for adventure in everyday life.

So, where would you like to get lost? Go through the different slides and open the information about each place, they look paradise, don’t they?

Papua New Guinea was one of them!

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One Response to The Best Places to Hide

  1. Belén says:

    Some of them are very cool! And others even have volcanoes! I also think Papua New Guinea is the best option, but it’s a dangerous area for earthquakes…
    If I could chose, I’d pick Norway or Oslo. You may be found, but I think it’s remote enough.

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