Getting Ready for your Oral Exam

It’s time to go all serious with your oral practice and start outlining a plan to make your oral performance stand out and to make YOU speak INTERMEDIATE 2 English.

Speaking a language involves using the components correctly – making the right sounds, choosing the right words and getting constructions grammatically correct. Therefore, a good and clear pronunciation, an accurate grammar and a wide range of INTERMEDIATE 2-level vocabulary make up the holy trinity of speaking preparation, but preparing these aspects of your exam is only the beginning of the exam planning process. If you want to achieve a smooth, headache-free exam, you need to manage to get a clear message across and this involves choosing appropriate content or ideas to suit a situation, e.g. deciding what is polite or what might appear rude, how to interrupt or how to participate in a conversation. All this involves practice in language fluency.

First of all, you need to bear in mind the purpose of your conversation; most conversations are negotiations, a give-and-take dialogue in which both participants speak their mind by showing their points of view and try to reach an agreement. You need to communicate with your classmate to exchange information, and this exchange requires the use of more than one type of sentence structure so please give us proof that you deserve to be called an INTERMEDIATE 2 student.

Once you have the situation clear, make a selection of good expressions to excel at your oral exam, pay special attention to these useful expressions to make your oral performance stand out

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