Verb + Object + TO Infinitive

We have previously studied verb patterns (see previous post on gerunds and infinitives)

Today, we are going to focus on a structure that can cause some confusion:

subject verb object (not) to + infinitive
Marco’s mother ordered him to get into the car.
Elena told the children not to touch the glasses.

With this structure, you are getting other people to do something for you. Have a look at the following examples to see the difference:

Edward wants to eat now  — Edward wants us to eat now.

The following common verbs (among others) take this pattern:

advise We advised him to take a break. invite He invited me to visit. remind He reminded me to get gas.
allow We allowed her to go out. need We need him to help tell She told me to bring a key.
ask She asked us to come along. order They ordered us to leave. want He wanted us to drive.
forbid They forbid us to smoke. permit They permit us to stay. warn They warned us to be careful.
force We forced them to think twice. persuade He persuaded me to try. would like I’d like you to be on time.

Now, why don’t you try to rearrange these sentences to practice?

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