Book Review

If you are asked about a film/book, you would certainly recommend it or not depending on how much you liked it. Find below some interesting expressions to give your opinion in just one word:

Fascinating!    Far-fetched!   

Brilliant!   Gripping!

Moving!        What a bore!


Funny!       Exciting!     So-so!     Worst film/book ever!     Second-rate!

Readable       Hilarious!    Wishy-washy!     The best movie/book ever!

Thrilling!             Frightening!        Awesome!     Fantastic!     A masterpiece!

    Outstanding!       Crappy!        Amazing!        Shocking!             Thumbs up!

A must read!     Not my cup of tea!   Just alright!     Poor!        Dreadful!                

When giving details about a book, we must include key information. Click here for details.

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