At the doctor’s

Nobody likes going to the doctor (except hypochondriacs). Unfortunately, we do need to visit our GP or specialist from time to time.

The BBC World Service (“Learning English”) broadcasts a radio programme which focuses on different topics. Here you can listen to a visit to the doctor. You will find a listening activity, health-related vocabulary and the script!

And if you happen to be in an English-speaking country and you want to explain what your symptoms are and understand the doctor well, here you have some useful expressions:


What seems to be the problem?

Where does it hurt?

How long has it hurt?

Have you done or eaten anything unusual in the last few days?

Let’s check your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.

You need an injection of penicillin and I’ll give you a prescription for pain pills.


My left knee hurts when I bend it.

My right ear.

It started to hurt three days ago

No, just the normal stuff.


Can’t I have a pill instead? I hate shots


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